While attending a recent education series with roughly 10 skincare and cosmetics lines, there was one that stood out amongst the rest. The line is called Beauty Counter and their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. As if that didn’t sound wonderful enough, it is also exciting to know that the line will be made available for your convenience at most Target stores next month! September 12th to be exact.

Now before I give you a bit of a background on this harmonious collection, I must first tell you that when I entered the conference room not knowing what to expect, I was immediately impressed with the display awaiting my seated attendance. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the delightful packaging. As you see here, it is quite tasteful. It is sophisticated and it is simple. A clear indicator of what to expect indeed.

Beauty Counter worked relentlessly to develop the most groundbreaking and revolutionary approach in providing the safest way to feel and look beautiful without compromising your health. They have done this through a strict ingredient screening process. They confess, “it wasn’t easy but understanding it is”.

They’ve made certain of this by providing a transparent ingredient glossary for all to see. This includes every ingredient used within the line and the products that include the specified ingredient. They also provide whats called a NEVER LIST. This list references all ingredients (inc meaning & use in other products) that will never be used in anything you purchase from Beauty Counter thus simultaneously educating the consumer.



Above you will see their purifying charcoal mask, a personal favorite of mine. I have showcased this product because it delivers optimal performance, leaving my skin rejuvenated and refreshed highly due to the natural ingredients such as Apple Fruit Extract, Green Tea and Peppermint but what I love most about this mask is that is tightened my skin leaving it silky smooth and clean as a whistle.

There is much to expect from Beauty Counter as they also have haircare, sun protection, hand care, lip care and much more! Prices range from $12-$39


All words and creative direction my own.