I have been reading and seeing a lot about castor oil lately and being that I am an advocate of features and benefits, I of course, couldn’t wait to write about it.

As many of you may know, castor oil is most commonly known for its effects in relieving constipation but what we don’t know, is that this oil derived from a Castor seed (aka: Ricinus Communis) is a vault housing many age old beauty secrets waiting to be unlocked by those who desire natural remedy, taking matters into their own hands.

When purchasing castor oil, be sure to purchase ONLY that of a cold-pressed oil as this particular reference simply means that it has been extracted from the castor bean seed by that of “pressure” only and contains the nutrient-rich oil that makes up to 60% of its weight. When the pressure is applied to the actual beans themselves, they release a luxurious oil and all its nutrients, fatty acids and minerals in which it contains. No heat, chemicals or solvents are ever used.

When found in any other form, it is said to be an inferior product with far lower purity in oil and the benefits compromised by the manufacturing process.

I’m not going to lie, when I was doing research on the topic, I was in disbelief at first because there were more than a few things I could personally use this for not to mention all the other things that I know others could use it for. To categorize the benefits of the castor seed plant, it would look like this.

Anti-Viral | Antibacterial | Anti-fungal


 Topically treating a variety of skin conditions and concerns including   

Cystic acne: Castor oil kills the bacteria that blocks the skins exterior wall reducing inflammation and keeping those buggers at bay. This form of treatment is recommended at night before bed and rinsed in the AM.

Skin Tags / Warts: Castor oil is a discutient and when wanting to remove an unwanted growth, it will do just that. Used alone or with a little baking soda creating a paste, you can see results as early as a few weeks!

Itchy skin? This oil used alone can offer much reprieve. Less scratching, more healing.

My personal favorite – Stimulates the immune system & aids in your beauty needs


See fuller lashes and brows! Ok, so I have been an avid user of lash conditioners, lash primers, lash enhancers, lash serums, you name it, I have used it and I can’t tell you enough about how effective Castor oil is in growing your lashes not to mention your eyebrows, to their highest potential … All for under the $8! (at most stores). Apply this product by placing a drop of castor oil into the palm or on top of your hand. Take a reusable mascara wand and roll it through the product lightly. After doing so, discard of the remaining oil and roll or wiggle the wand through the lashes from base to tip. Follow by running the wand through the eyebrow beginning from the inner, working your way to the (tail) end. Do this in the evening before bed. Expect to see results as early as the first week!

Promotes hair growth: Castor oil is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamin E. It is also rich in Omega-6 essential fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. If you are losing hair or are having issues with balding, massage a nickle – quarter size amount of castor oil into your scalp for roughly 6-10 minutes a day usually doing this in the evening. Place a shower cap over your hair and sleep overnight, shampoo out in the morning. To reduce thickness of the castor oil, you can also add coconut oil.

Cellulite: I suggest dry brushing the area first as this helps in tightening the skin and renewing the cells, thus reducing cellulite. After doing this, warm a fair amount of castor oil in a microwave safe bowl and massage into the skin for about 20 minutes stimulating your collagen and elastin. Shower off with warm water. Do this a few times a week or more for desired results.

Wrinkles: Because castor oil is rich in fatty acids, it is a wonder in preventing and eliminating wrinkles while also providing a more youthful glow.

Save split ends: Just like with stimulation for hair growth, castor oil also offers relief to a common problem for a lot of us, split ends. It works the same as with the scalp but would be applied directly to the ends about a quarter inch to an inch in length securing them for a few seconds at a time with each sweep. Feel free to add, jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil for a seemless experience and added benefit. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

Cuticle repair: Hydrate both your fingernails and your toenails with this oil for long term benefits leaving you with healthy looking hands and feet all year long.

Relieves and Reduces 

Arthritis: Massage the area with warm castor oil. Soak a cloth in castor oil using warm to hot water and apply for desired arthritic relief. Treat for 45 minutes.

Muscle soreness & Joint pain: Due to its immunity strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is a definite remedy in effectively reducing inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles. Place a warm cloth or heating pad over the affected area for a more penetrated treatment. Leave for 45 minutes.

Calluses & Corns: Castor oil moisturizes the dry, thick, tough skin that resides on the exterior of our feet when having corns or callus and will drastically improve the appearance when treated regularly. Apply 1-2 drops depending on the location, massage into skin and cover with a sock or bandage up to three times a day until gone or reduced.

All words and creative direction my own.